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A Typical Day Onsite

1. Sign-in: At the beginning and end of each shift, volunteers sign into an onsite record book.  This helps us to know who is working, but also how many total volunteer hours have been contributed.  Many critical housing grants require this information.  Liability Waivers, found here, are required of all volunteers once per calendar year. Blank forms are also  kept with the sign-in book.   


2. Gather: After all have signed in, we gather together to talk.


          1. Introductions     

                        a. Site Supervisors     

                        b. Partner Family

                        c. Volunteers

          2. Orient Workers

                        a. Quick overview of Habitat     

                        b. The worksite

                        c. Work Breaks and facilities

          3. Game-Plan                                                                             

                        a. Assign tasks for the day    

                        b. Discuss specific safety concerns



3. Build: Teams and individuals with assigned tasks start building!  Tasks vary from day to day, but there is usually something for every skill level.  If there's something you’d like to learn how to do, we’ll show you.


4. Break: Physical work requires periodic rest to maintain a focus on safety and to avoid uncomfortable body strains. A happy and healthy volunteer is a returning volunteer! On a typical Saturday workday, drinks and food will be provided.  We break at 10:00 a.m. for snacks and a short Christian devotional and lunch at noon. 

5. Wrap-up: As each shift ends, workers clean up the worksite, gather and store all tools, and secure everything before leaving so the next crew can quickly pick up where the prior group left off. We usually huddle one last time to review our progress and say thank you to our many valued volunteers!

Getting Ready for Your Workday:


What to Wear:  

            Solid toe shoes, no sandals permitted

            Long pants

            Layers if weather is cool

            Safety Glasses, if you prefer your own

            Work gloves

            Light colors and sunscreen if sunny



What to Bring:    

             Waiver of Liability Form

                   - Only required once per calendar year

             Your Favorite Tools

                   - Everything you need will be provided, but some prefer to use                             their own tools

             Water Bottle, if you prefer your own

                    - Water is provided on all worksites

             Your Camera 

                    - Please feel free to share your experience with friends


How to Prepare:

            View Construction Safety and How-To training materials

            Check the weather and dress accordingly

            Contact the Habitat office with questions:

                  515-432-1168 or


We look forward to working with you in providing housing solutions for our local partner families.

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