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Becoming a Habitat Homeowner

Many families find themselves unable to escape unhealthy, unsafe and inefficient housing. 


Black mold, pest infestation, broken plumbing, defective electrical fixtures and wiring, and peeling, lead-based paint are all-too-common problems for many on lower incomes.


Accepting these problems leads to affordable monthly rents, but often with expensive, unhealthy, even dangerous, tradeoffs.  What was cheap to move into can quickly become too expensive to live in.


Habitat for Humanity offers a solution to substandard housing by building safe, efficient and healthy new homes in partnership with qualified low-income families. Typical monthly payments average $450, including property taxes and insurance. 



Do you qualify?

 If you can answer yes to the following questions, you may qualify to become a Habitat partner family:


1.   Do you currently live in substandard, unhealthy, unsafe housing?

2.  Have you lived in Boone, Greene or Guthrie County for at least one year?

2.  Are you, your family and friends willing to work at least 300 hours 

     alongside volunteers in constructing your house and those of others?

3.  Are you able to make a mortgage payment of at least $450 per month?

4.  Do you free of unpaid financial court judgments?

5.  Has it been at least two years since declaring for bankruptcy?

6.  Does your income from all sources fall within these guidelines?

 Family Size            Annual Income

        1                $16,700 - $33,360

        2                $19,050 - $38,100

        3                $21,450 - $42,840

        4                $23,800 - $47,580

        5                $25,750 - $51,420

        6                $27,650 - $55,200

        7                $29,550 - $59,040

        8                $31,450 - $62,820

*** The partner family has been chosen for 2022, so the next home will be built in 2023.

We are not accepting new applications for houses or repairs at this time.  Please check back.  Thank you!

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