HabiTour FAQs

Who can ride on HabiTour?

Anyone!  Mostly.  

All riders must be 13 years of age on or before the day of the event.  Riders age 13 to 15 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or responsible adult age 21 or older.  One adult may be responsible for no more than three youth riders. 

Do I ride alone?

You can ride as an individual or join a team, especially one with a fun and funky name!  Minimum donation/fundraising of $100 per each rider on a team is required.  Registered as an individual and now you want to join a team?  No problem!  Just email HabiTour to make the change.

What happens if it rains?

HabiTour is a go, rain or shine.  In the event of lightning or other dangerous weather, riders are pulled off the route until conditions improve.  And when it comes to riding in the rain, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll get wet.  So watch the forecast and come prepared.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes.  And you have to wear clothing.  Both just make sense.

What if I have a flat tire?

No worries.  HabiTour is fully supported with SAG (Support And Gear) vehicles along the route.  You are, however, encouraged to carry a tube matching your tires, as other riders are very good about helping their biking friends.  Better yet is to learn how to change a tire yourself by watching this YouTube video.

What if I am injured?

First aid treatment for minor problems will be handled at rest stops or by SAG drivers.  Riders requiring emergency medical care will be transported by private vehicle or ambulance, if deemed necessary.  Costs for all professional medical care, including ambulance services, are the responsibility of the rider.  Do carry your insurance card during the ride.

What about food?

Rest stops along the route will be packed with selections from the main biker food groups of salt, sugar, protein and fruit.  Lunch items are provided in Panora for the 100-mile riders.  And then there's dinner provided as part of the after-ride celebration at Hotel Pattee in Perry.  You will not go hungry!

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

HabiTour riders can consume alcoholic beverages at local restaurants and bars along the route.  However, absolutely no alcohol can be carried by HabiTour riders on the Raccoon River Valley Trail. 

Where do I shower after the ride?

The McCreary Community Building in Perry has opened their showers to HabiTour riders up until closing time of 6:00 p.m.  DO BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL.

Where can family or friends hang out during the ride?

The local area has lots to offer your support team while you're out pedaling across the countryside.  Visit the City of Perry  website, that includes a link to the Perry Chamber of Commerce, Greene County Chamber of Commerce website.  Greene County Tourism also has a Facebook Page. Make sure your support team joins you at the post-ride celebration, too.  

What if a check is made out to me or my team?

No worries.  Simply write "Habitat for Humanity" above the team name or, if it's made out to you personally, endorse it on the back and add the words "payable to Habitat for Humanity."

Where do I mail donations?

If you receive cash or checks from donors, complete a Donation Tracking Form and mail to:


    114 S. Chestnut Street

    Jefferson, IA 50129

What if my donors need a receipt?

Everyone making an online donation receives an email confirmation receipt for tax purposes.  Donors giving $250 or more by any means (card, check or cash) will receive a thank-you letter and receipt by mail from Habitat for Humanity.  For donations less than $250, the IRS accepts a cancelled check, bank statement or credit card statement as acceptable proof of a charitable donation.

What if I don't reach the $100 fundraising minimum by the ride date?

Simply bring cash, a check or debit/credit card to registration the day of the ride to make up the difference.  Sorry, but riders will not be allowed to join HabiTour until the minimum is received.

Do I need a Raccoon River Valley Trail user permit?

While there is a $2 daily user permit requirement on the trail, HabiTour is covering this for all riders.  You're good to go!

Heart of Iowa Habitat for Humanity is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization. 

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